Power of Two

by Frodocpu

Released 2012
CPU Productions
Released 2012
CPU Productions
Sophisticated pop/rock, seasoned with jazz, in a world-class level production of brain-damaging infectious tunes.
FrodoCPU is back with a collection of new songs for the increasingly starved mature pop audience. Few other artists deliver this level of musical sophistication combined with the kind of infectious tunes you'll wake up humming every morning for a few weeks and months. A unique, world-class recording you are not likely to find the likes of anywhere else today.


August 26 2019

"THIRD" got accepted to Pandora!


July 21 2019

Featured on Blue Desert. The premier site for fans of West Coast music.


July 9 2019

Live on Bear Radio.


July 7 2019

Released a new video: "Somebody to Love". Off THIRD.


June 25 2019 

The official release date of THIRD. It's now available on CD and on all major platforms.


 March 12 2017

Producer, composer and singer Brooke R Calder arriving this month to start final production on the new album.


September 9 2016

Norwegian DJ artist Todd Terje released a remix of the old HolmCPU classic "Fotspor"


THIRD Tracks

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